At that time, we thought that if we removed a merchant community entrance and replaced this place with advertisements, we could earn 80 million to 100 million yuan a year. Why not do it? But Jack Ma found this and called me in the middle of the night, saying that Wei Wei Zhe, are you crazy about money? When you remove this (entrance), you cut off our lifeblood. This is our lifeblood. Don’t think that this thing does not generate transactions or generate a penny. The income is useless. Have you ever thought about it, how can B2B companies come to our website to purchase every day? No, it is impossible.USDT Mining Tutorial,The life cycle of an enterprise is 20-30 years. The pain of this year is very short. We have experienced winter, so we are not afraid.

Li Yu said frankly that in the first three months of the transformation, they did not think about how to break even.USDT Mining Tutorial